A gay december romance

It's not a person named "Art," you understand? If you like it so much, why don't you buy it? Face it, you're getting to be a little long in the tooth for a boy toy. So, Ellen, swear that you will never eat at Happy Noodles again. I just want to strip naked and writhe around in a giant take-out container full of them.

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Will & Grace - S 6 E 12 - A Gay-December Romance

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You keep telling yourself that, grandpa. I do not have a sugar daddy. Okay, I'll read it while I eat my noodles. It sounds like this woman in my office. Okay, don't eat here. But that is just the point. I'm curvy where it counts.

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I resent the implication. Here you go, Karen. You are gonna rue the day that you ever messed with Grace Adler. But that is just the point. Okay, I'll read it while I eat my noodles. And if it's important to me, it should be important to you.

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