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Attracted to the opposite sex. Throughout the history of the leather subculture, a variety of traditions have been observed, often diligently. Used as a noun or adjective to describe a sexual minority without resorting to a definitive label. Today it appears as a series of six solid stripes in order: Can be used derogatorily. This page was last edited on 25 August , at Archived from the original on 27 July

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Fag got A male homosexual. Today, most heterosexuals apply the word "gay" to both gay men and lesbians, whereas, within the GLBT community "gay" is most often applied to men. Male leather culture has existed since the late s, [1] when it likely grew out of post- WWII biker culture. Although gay men are the most visible symbol of the leather community, there are numerous women who identify as leatherwomen - and women have the International Ms. It is not a complete list, but it covers a lot of ground. This influence is particularly evident in the graphical illustrations of leathermen found in the work of Tom of Finland. The belief that heterosexuality is superior to homosexuality or bisexuality, or the tendency to assume that everyone is heterosexual.

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Lesbian A homosexual woman. Leather ' established , and SM in the UK established Some assert that it also symbolizes diversity within the community. In the 17th century the term was expanded from its earlier meaning of cheerful to refer to men with a reputation for being playboys gay Lothario first appeared in From bathhouses to dungeons, the LGBTQ community has a history of creating communal spaces for sexual encounters. The symbol gay men were made to wear in the Nazi concentration camps. Descriptor for a transgender person who identifies as female but was assigned male gender at birth.

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