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It was great me and cloudy If you are going to respond, at least make a mediocre attempt at being coherent. I am with Werefang for the most part because it's true what he says, you don't have any real proof to back yourself up neo bahamut, everything you've said is just circumstantial evidence. Also in what backward text they use for this since the charactors aren't uniform length you cant just look at this and see it It's just more of your made up bullshit. I used the verbage for the note as I said it in band

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Forum:Red XIII is some kind of magician


How in the hell did he pull it off? Your review has been posted. And I'd like to give Chocobo Knight a hi five for gettin his facts straight. I have submitted more equally valid proof that he is indeed a clone. Looking at it in that light, I'd be happy no matter how many FFVII installments they came up with, so long as they were good.

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Are you two complaining about! Pages with broken file links. The epilouge of VII is years in the future. This is not a criminal case. Plus, I'm not entirely sure about the years thing, unless the start of Advent Children is years in the future. His Immune System was so powerful they rejected the cells. Now I wouldn't say red 13 was a clone, because he's not human and is nothing like sephiroth, but it is definitely implied that he was experimented on by hojo, and if it's hojo experimienting it's likely to invovlve jenova.

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