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Mostly that you are turned on by gay men in porn. If any gay men think that, well, then they're just silly. Ultimately, what kind of genitals we have actually often has very little to do with how much pleasure we experience sexually. If you do find yourself sexually attracted to gay men, that can be a little bit trickier in terms of meeting a partner, but we can talk a little more about that below. As long as everyone is getting off, what's the big deal? You are not alone in your situation.

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I am a straight girl, but wish I could be with a gay guy.

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Is it the physical aspect of two men loving each other? There is nothing wrong with being confused about your sexuality, and that what really matters in a relationship is that both you and your partner are happy and fulfilled. You are not alone in your situation. Sexual attraction can feel really confusing, regardless of whether you identify as straight, gay, bisexual , queer , or anything else. Most of the gay porn I watch are usually the ones where one of the guys initiate first and the other is reluctant at first What does it mean? It can take some work, but finding a community in which you feel welcome and belong to, such as various LGBT groups, can also be a great way to meet potential partners.

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Human sexuality is a strange, complex, and wonderful thing and the harmless escapades that happen in people's fantasies shouldn't be used for debates about identity politics. What folks might be sexually attracted to in porn are often different from what they are attracted to in real life, and that is perfectly fine. The phenomenon emerged from "slash fiction," a type of fan fiction that imagines two popular male fantasy or sci-fi characters in a romantic relationship. Just like, say, it doesn't make a lot of sense to base our realities or ideas about realities on Harry Potter books. Most of the gay porn I watch are usually the ones where one of the guys initiate first and the other is reluctant at first I am comfortable in my body.

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