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When I started watching the video at R7 I have to say I was disgusted and repulsed. It's part 2 of that video. I don't normally like guys who sound like those two, but they had me cracking up. Now, that can't be fake. The condoms and the golf balls were for himself. Or, you could find Zac's trash and plant other stuff in there, like the condoms found. Folks speculate now because he's gotten all buff..

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Zac Efron’s Boyfriend, Brother And Parents

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He also said he had no problem wearing such T-shirt. Watch all of them. Which isn't to say he is or isn't gay, but simply pointing out how easy it would be to plant "evidence". No way is he full on gay, maybe bi curious at most, but most likely just straight, that is pretty much universally accepted now. This is from the comments section at Enty Liar's site, so take with a huge bolder of salt but

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Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. It's part 2 of that video. Well, that settles it. The Michael Simkin thing proved to me that this is genuine It does not provide a definite indicator of what Zac's sexual orientation is.

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